Woodbridge- Orthopedic & Orthodontics Treatment (Braces)

We’re all born with beautiful smiles; some just need a little boost here and there and that’s where orthodontics comes handy. Orthodontics (Braces) will give you a straight set of teeth that will make you feel confident and happy when smiling.

Other than the cosmetics advantages of orthodontics, straight teeth are easier to keep clean, making them less prone to decay or periodontal disease. Straight teeth have a lower risk of injury. Also worth mentioning is that misaligned teeth can cause abnormal wear of tooth surfaces and may lead to chronic headache or pain in the face or neck.


Orthodontic treatment can be done at any age and can start as early as the age of 7. Just like any other treatment, the earlier you get it the better the results, saving you time, money and unexpected dental problems. However, no matter your age, Dr. Celio will be glad to see you for an orthodontic consultation, after which he’ll notify you with the required treatment plan, longevity and cost.